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Bedstar Customer Reviews

Me and my husband were bored of our old bed and it also made a lot of noise whenever someone sat on it or moved on it. One day, frustrated I started looking for websites that might deliver a comfortable and a modern bed at my place so that me and my husband don't have to go to the markets and spend hours choosing a bed. While browsing through different websites I found this amazing website Bed star and I was surprised to see such good beds and that too at a low price. I went through all the categories they had for different designs of the bed and all of them were so beautiful that I had a really hard time choosing one perfect bed. Me and my husband made a list of some of the beds we liked and decided to contact the website owners for information on these beds but nobody was picking up. Finally after a week of struggling to chose the right bed we ordered there leather beds with a grey headboard and it had an ottoman style. We finally received the bed after four days and it was much better than what we imagined.