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My twins wanted a bunk bed quite badly for some time so I had to finally give in although I didn't feel so good about it. Finding solid, strong beds that'll survive my kids aggressive behavior was hard. Plus bunks did not fit my definition of safe. I mostly shop online so it was not a surprise, me coming across a bedsore's website. After swiping through their collection and consulting the kids, I ordered one. I was quite nervous in this case. I mean a bed, online? What if it collapses on being jumped on? What's their return of defect policy...I was scared. But thankfully none of my fears came true and the bed was delivered in perfect shape and it looked even nicer than the one in the picture. It has strong wood railings on both sides, so even if the kids do jump on it, it is secure enough and it dose not budge when they jump on it. Although it did cost me a lot but my kids are happy, the product is solid so it is definitely worth it. I would recommend this to my sister as now her children are also requesting for a bed.