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More Info About Burleigh

Pottery is an art unto itself and the number of those who can rightfully call themselves master of that art are dwindling with every passing day. In recent times, however, demand for products made from clay and the process of pottery has risen tremendously. This has caused many to begin to appreciate the art, but only a few will ever be master in the field.

At Burleigh however, there is a different story. They have been in the business of making ceramics that they have proudly branded as Burleigh ware since 1851. They have dutifully passed on the tradition of ensuring that all their products are of the highest quality.

The craftsmen in Burleigh didn’t come into the business just for profit making. They are rather deep clay lovers at heart and derive joy from watching and partaking in the glorious transformation of clay sand into timeless, beautiful pieces that would go on to become a regular feature in several homes around the world.

Their product spans tableware and teaware. Explore the site and find the perfect dinner plates, teapots, mugs and jugs that are befitting your kitchen. Make a selection from any of their collections and adorn your homes with pieces that tell stories of a tradition that have been passed on for one 150 years.