Circle One Discount Code March 2021 Helpful Shopping Guide

Surfing is such a rejuvenating sport. The rush of touching the waves, riding them just before they fall is a feeling that cannot be fully expressed. However, to go surfing one needs the right surfboard and other materials. This is where Circle One comes in. this is a British company which specializes in the supply of all you need to make your next surfing experience a memorable one. Circle One was founded in 1969 by Jeff Townsley. Jeff happens to be one of the original homegrown surfboard shapers and this company is an extension of his passion. With 50 years of experience, this company’s specialty is surfboards.

There are quite a number of surf-related products you could get on this site. You could purchase the brand’s very own Circle One surfboard which is developed in the UK with materials like the superior strength Porcher fiberglass and a host of other supreme materials. On Circle One you can also find Kiteboards, Skimboards, Bodyboards, SUP boards, Life Saving Boards, Soft School, and rental boards. These boards come in different types, designs, and are made from different materials. Surfing wouldn’t be complete without wetsuits now would it, hence this company also sells diverse types of seasonal wetsuits and other surfing accessories.