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The brainchild behind COHERE and THERE is Jo Blakely. Jo was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. The life in this beautiful city inspired her to start up this brand. What even spurred her more is that she grew up in a family filled with fashion and interior designers. She is known for her stunning yet detailed textiles and patterns. Her passion for anything beauty was further re-established when she built COHERE and THERE Lifestyle collection designed. The brand is designed for seasoned travellers, digital nomads and fly minimalists. All products found on the website are designed with the earth in mind. Jo is an advocate for a greener environment, and this she has aptly displayed in her designs. COHERE, and THERE is aware of the fact that one of the world’s largest polluters in the apparel industry, so they are committed to reducing that. At COHERE and THERE. All products are made to order and shipped directly to your doorstep. This little act goes a long way in minimizing waste, pollution, and energy. This is a home of fashion for the fashion-conscious people. There’s a return policy for up to 30 days. If the items have stayed for longer, then the policy no longer holds.