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Make the most of the ocean sway with Dock& Bay collection.
Dock & Bay is a lifestyle brand selling products for intrepid travellers, beachgoers and fitness lovers. They stock perfect quick dry towel for travel; compact towels for gym & fitness; and sand-free towels for the beach. Their towels are made from unique polyester/polyamide material that has endless benefits over traditional towel including being quick-drying; highly absorbent; compact when folded; sand-free and much more. These towels come in over 40 different styles from a trendy round shape to pineapple patterns to extra-long size for the whole family.

Check out their quick cooling collection which cools down to 15°c/ 59°F in an instant, leaving you refreshed. It is a unique dual-layer cooling towel in a range of 7 stunning Cabana colours.

Directions for use: You simply wet the towel and squeeze out the excess water. Then snap the towel like a whip a few times until the towel feels noticeably colder. The towel comes with a convenient carrying case. t’s perfect for travel, gym, sport and beach use. The materials used in making the towels are so compact, you can easily fit your own towel in a weekend bag. Also shop for quick dry ponchos, hair wraps and swim shorts. Their swim shorts are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. From the comfort of your home, flip through their unique collections and get ready to explore, discover, travel, grow, live and seize the moments without any worries. Check out their limited editions sway collection such as Artic crush, Pacific tide, Atlantic breeze, and Indian summer. Visit Dock & Bay online for travel-friendly products you will cherish for your next trip.