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More Info About Drdetoxbox

Are you an alcoholic finding it hard to get rid of substance abuse? Perhaps, you’ve tried several therapies and yet no positive result. Don’t give up hope? There is an effective solution. DrDetoxBox is an enabler, brings balance and boost confidence. It is just what you need to eliminate the urge of returning to substance abuse. Detox does not have to be any difficult. Instead, it should bring about freedom and inner peace.

So how does this work? DrDetoxBox comprises six 250 ml juices. The recommended dosage is 60 ml per day. It is important to use as recommended. You will find instructions written on each bottle. Follow the instructions dutifully if only you want to see the maximum result.

At this stage, you need to be mindful of your solid food intake in the period leading up to your detox and afterwards. Recommended food option at this time includes soups and salads. Take the food at least 48 hours before detox and 48 hours after. While treatment is ongoing, refrain from smoking, alcohol, red meat and coffee.

Some of the products available include turmeric shot box, ginger shot box, and Box N°3

DrDetoxBox offers the ideal solution to help reset your body and mind. Have any questions about the product? Reach out to the 24-hour customer service, and you’ll have all problem resolved.