Envirofone Voucher Code August 2020

More Info About Envirofone

This is a mobile phone recycling company which has been in existence since 2005. EnviroFone offers second-hand phones at a fraction of its brand new price. These phones have been refurbished like new and work just as great. It’s more of a hub where the company receives second-hand phones from their registered owners, offers them money for it, refurbishes it and puts it up for sale on its site. The company has helped over 4 million individuals within Holland, Sweden, Spain, and the Republic of Ireland receive money for their phones. Individuals can purchase quality phones at affordable rates without having to go through the hassle of contracts.

These phones come from diverse manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Tecno, and other phone brands. EnviroFone offers phones and other tech supplies for its consumers. Each product purchased on this site comes with a 12 month warranty period, 30-day return policy and free delivery as well. EnviroFone is not only about helping its customers receive refurbished phones at affordable prices, but it is also equally and actively involved with saving the environment as well. EnviroFone offers lots of special offers for individuals who want to sell their phones and those who want to purchase phones.