Eufylife Discount Code October 2020 Helpful Shopping Guide

This mandate is seen in its latest home device, the RoboVac. As the name implies it is basically an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner which cleans everything from crumbs to pet hair, scraps, dust, and even powders. This RoboVac is the premier and most loved product series solely produced by Eufy. The company itself is part of the Anker Innovations, which happens to be one of the leading electronics brands in the US.

The RoboVac series features RoboVac 11, 11S, 11C and 30C. They are certain specifics to each but they all carry out the job beautifully. Eufy is involved with smart living as a whole and it has other products which aim at this purpose, including the smart lighting, smart scales, and security. Products from this company have been featured in a host of magazines including Forbes, Tech Advisor, BBC Radio, The New York Times, TechRadar, etc. It’s only natural that products from this brand come with a warranty period to guarantee its longevity and originality and that is exactly what Eufy offers.