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More About Hersey and Son

The practise of gift-giving is a time-honoured tradition that helps people express their feelings for friends and family in more than just words. For maximum effectiveness though, it has to be done just right and that is what Hersey &Son is all about. Hersey & Son is a silversmith workshop that is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are always 100% satisfied whenever they come calling for a gift. The workshop is fitted with silver spinners, silversmiths, and polishers who not only possess excellent artisan skills, but are also very customer friendly. Hersey & son, however, isn’t gift-centered. You can also visit them for all of your jewellery and tableware needs. Their time-tested techniques which has been in use for centuries only assure customers that whatever they are getting from the workshop is a work of pure art that would serve them and their generations to come pleasurably. Hersey & Son also provide engraving services for as low as £10. Since about 95% of their products can be engraved, you can choose to customize your jewellery or gift so as to add that extra special touch to it. The option to engrave doesn’t slow down delivery as the engraver is onsite and always at your service.