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Julipa Customer Reviews

After going years wearing the wrong size bra I volunteered to go and get measured at a nearby bra expert. I was stunned to discover I was wearing an absolutely inadmissible bra and wrong size. I was measured and fitted with a flawless Julipa bra, and I was so satisfied with the fit and the stuff I enjoyed. I went home and perused the site. I requested four bras in my new and right size and they all fit delightfully. My new bra measure is 36hh so very enormous and it's awesome to have hot bras that fit me well because of Julipa.

Once I could make the request from the simple to utilize site of the Julipa, the administration was brilliant and I got my picked things inside the predefined time. The site is completely responsive and picking the coveted thing is easy for me. My request touched base on time, very much bundled and great. I am astonished to find that they can offer me a fast conveyance with the quality that is perfect at the value that is less as contrasted and others. The online help was brilliant and these are the significant reasons that I will arrange more things for them.