Lipstick Queen Discount Code September 2019

More Info About Lipstick Queen

Every girl deserves to look like a queen. As a woman, your lips are one of the very first features of your body people take a good look at when they come in contact with you for the first time. Always make them pop. Many women are makeup junkies at heart, even though some are still in denial phases. All it takes is for them to get the right products to transform them into queens and Viola, they get hooked forever! Lipstick Queen was made for just that.

This US-based cosmetic shop sells lip paints that can transform a plain Jane to a Queen in less than 30 seconds. Do you love that fierce look? Pick up ‘seven deadly sins’ lippie and apply the matte lip stain on your lips before you step out for a date night. Don’t be surprised if all the women that come in contact with you become green with envy! Blame it on the rouge lipstick! Stepping out for an interview or a work presentation? Who says you can’t apply to make up? ‘Belle Epoque’ lip balm is a cult product for boss ladies. The nude peach lippie glides onto your lips like a second lip. If you are a huge fan of lip liners, your cupid bow will be the center of focus after you accentuate it with any of Lipstick Queen’s lip liner.

Did you know that all the aforementioned products are currently on sale on the company’s website? Almost half of the prices have been slashed! What are you waiting for? Get those lips popping!