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For over a hundred and fifty years, Morlands has been in the business of providing carefully designed and fabricated sheepskin slippers and boots to shoppers all over the world. This company creates beautiful footwear solutions to individuals who prefer to be comfortable even in luxury. The material used in making these shoes is carefully sourced for as the brand takes the luxury feel of its pieces very seriously. The pieces found on Morlands offer exclusive comfort with a fine blend of subtle luxury as well. Collections on this site run deep as there are new items being made on a daily basis.

At Morlands, there are quality slippers for both ladies and gentlemen. These slippers come in different designs and serve different purposes too. Some could be worn to lounge at home while others are efficient enough to be worn when going on errands or even to casual gatherings. Morlands also has a lot of boots collections for both sexes too. This 1870 established company also deals in accessories as well as comfortable shoe options. The company is highly rated, and so is its merchandise. All pieces on this site are relatively affordable and guaranteed to stand the test of time.