Murray Medical Voucher Code February 2021

Helpful information on Murray Medical

Murray Medical is a service which operates in close alignment with those hospitals, facilities and households which produce clinical waste. They provide a range of secure and comprehensive services, including waster services which comprise of the collection and disposal of dental waste, medical waste, optical waste, podiatry waste, pharmaceutical waste as well as veterinary waste. Moreover, they also provide hygiene and decontamination services, enabling their clients to continue their operations in a secure, sterile and hygienic manner in a cost-effective, efficient and reliable way.

Murray Medical’s unparalleled services can be attributed to its thorough and systematic organization of clinical waste products. Whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous waste, sharp objects, pharmaceutical by-products or leftovers or toxic waste, they tailor their services according to the nature and requirements of each of their clients. They have an extensive network of nation depots scattered across the United Kingdom. What’s more, their free duty of care means that they don’t charge for either duty of care of transfer notes, and they provide free site audits in order to ensure that their clients are always following the various waste legislations.