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My little girl was getting married. This was the happiest time of my life. She is all grown up and ready to become a wife of someone and after some time, someone's mother as well. We were looking for a king sized fancy and elegant bed for her. One of my friends advised me to check the website, my home rocks. This website had the most beautiful beds I had ever seen. I ordered the Stud & Button Grey 5Ft Bed for her along with the matching bed side tables and lamps. We all loved the quality and the designs.

My dad is crazy about decorating our house. He has this thing for lights and chandeliers. He just loves them He can not control himself whenever he sees a beautiful light or chandelier. His birthday was coming up. Plus he was also looking for new lights for his room. This was the best time to surprise him. I logged onto the website my home rocks and found the most amazing lights as always. I order the Rose Gold Ring Wall Lamp With Black Shades for him. He loved them. It is always a pleasure shopping from my house rocks website.