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Petit Bateau Customer Reviews

I adore their tee shirts. They are thicker, not transparent and wear perfectly. I get them 6 or 7 at any given moment, and wear them continually. I have never discovered a superior tee shirt! The assistance is stunning, and extremely accommodating! I love their child garments as well. All the garments are delightful and the staff working here are agreeable!!! The apparel isn't costly, at all and pleasant for a splurge too much now and again. I will keep on shopping here as both administration and items seem to be, to me, considered ""extravagance"" texture and development. I adore this organization.

The garments are certainly more costly yet they are milder and improved than the other child garments I have for my little girl. It appears like they generally have a deal rack so I more often than not purchase things in a greater size for the accompanying season. The staff is inviting and helping me find during the time spent finding the presents for my nephews and when I was pregnant they recollected that me and asked how my girl was doing. I have observed them all to be exceptionally useful. I will keep on shopping at their store an on the web.