Procoal Voucher Code April 2021

More About Procoal

The myriad of beneficial properties associated with activated charcoal is truly endless, particularly when it comes to skincare. Procoal is a skincare brand which is passionate about developing high-performance, natural and quality skincare products. Created by a dynamic husband-wife duo, Procoal has always prioritised quality over quantity – and this is why only those formulations which demonstrate unparalleled efficiency, safety and healing that are developed further and made available to their loyal customers. Simplicity is at the heart of Procoal’s philosophy – a simplicity reflected in the purity of their ingredients and their understated packaging.

Cruelty-free and sustainability, social responsibility and environmental conscientiousness are fundamental to the purpose and message of this brand. This means that none of their products contains any harmful or undesirable ingredients, because toxins and chemicals truly have no place in holistic and natural skincare. Their commitment to worthwhile causes is illustrated by their use of tubes which can be 100% recycled, natural deodorants contained in glass jars, and even water-free cleansing bars such as their Glycolic Egg and Salicylic Egg. Procoal is the perfect example of an ethical brand wholly devoted to creating quality products.