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Within the fashion industry, sustainability and environmental consciousness are truly the only way forward. More and more individuals, companies and designed are beginning to realize the importance of preserving the integrity and health of the environment, local communities, people, animals and wildlife. Ruby Moon presents an alternative to fast-fashion and a glimpse at a future wherein nothing is more fashionable than sustainability and ethics. They are the designers of unique and chic swimwear, and they are enthusiastic not only with regards to social and environmental responsibility, but also independence, creativity and expression – a philosophy which represents the personalities and attitudes of their customers as well.

Sustainable, ethical and conscience fashion is at the heart of everything that Ruby Moon does. Their range of fashionable and elegant swimwear is inspired by individuality and innovation, dedicated to creating ranges that redefine and revitalise the face of fashion. For those who love to enjoy hazy summer evenings on the beach or splash around in the ocean, Ruby Moon is the perfect place for those who value comfort and ease as much as they do beauty, which is not only gorgeously aesthetic but socially and environmentally conscience as well.