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A true books lover of doesn’t just restrict himself to what seems to be the rave of the moment. A knowledgeable reader understands that there is a potential to find hidden gems of insight, knowledge, and discovery in every piece of writing and thus goes far and beyond to lay hands on even the most controversial or lesser-seen arts of the world today. However, Taschen makes that search much less easy.

Taschen was borne out of the need to give people more access to art that has been labeled as queer, fetishistic or pornographic and thus has gained low popularity. They sought to make these available in major bookstores around the world and for close to forty years now, they have met considerable success in doing just that.

Their books are created in varying sizes and types from large and thick down to pocket sizes so as to suit the needs of their varied customers.

Taschen has an extensive selection of books that range over several topics and subjects. Included are books centered on pop culture, music, fashion, sexy culture, architecture and design, style, food and travel amongst others. Some of these are in collector’s edition from artists such as Darren Almond, Pedro Almodovar, and Nobuyoshi Araki but to mention a few.

Taschen is all about celebrating art in its entirety without any preconceived judgment or opinion. The publishing house does all it can to bridge the chasm that has been created between people and the arts of their choice no matter how controversial it can be.