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Born more than 800 years back, the Liverpool they know today started as a little district based upon a system of only seven boulevards: An immediate connection to the well-known port of Liverpool, these boulevards would frame the foundation of one of the world's most productive cities. Seven was established as a festival of everything that Liverpool might have been, is and will be. Displaying an expertly curated determination from the finest brands in footwear, Seven speaks to the enormity that those initial seven lanes cleared the path for, and the significance yet to come. The main store of its kind in the UK, Seven is something beyond a superior form goal; it's a progressive retail try. Tired of the stale and unsatisfying trip current buyers are compelled to experience once a day, the point of Seven is to offer the absolute best item in a domain that is both broad in its logic and dynamic technologically. Pushing the limits in a way that few have set out to attempt, their store speaks to the finish of the period of tasteless introduction and conveyance that has continued for a really long time. Highlighting a fluctuated scope of footwear including both driving games brands and a portion of the globe's most persuasive plan houses, The Seven sets another point of reference as far as item offering, space stylish and shopping background both in-store and online at