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Work clothes, uniforms, and other corporate wears are garments that require a certain precision in their fabrication else, one could face the consequence of wearing an inappropriate uniform to work. Alexandra is a UK based company that has been manufacturing garments since 1854. This company contributed to developing women’s workwear back in the 20th century and presently it’s developing modern protective workwear and suiting options for pretty much every business sector within the UK and also for millions of individuals around the world. All workwear and garments on Alexandra are tastefully designed and fabricated to work standards as well as the code of ethics.

There are lots of collections for diverse professions in Alexandra. This includes the business and corporate sectors, hospitality, healthcare, and students. The company even makes provision for international clients and their diverse needs. One can also find leisure wears like t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and other accessories too as well as garments for beauty/spa inclined professions. The pieces on Alexandra are relatively affordable and can be cared for under the ‘Garment Care’ option. Personalization of these work garments is possible and is based on the client’s needs. There are also size guides to help you select the size appropriate uniform.