Altr London Voucher Code July 2022

Helpful information on Altr London

ALTR London is a brand revolving around natural and conscience beauty products. What distinguishes this brand is that it has been designed for men, a demographic traditionally unrepresented and overlooked by the skincare industry. Their products are made with natural and nourishing compounds and materials, and they’ve taken their potent organic healing properties, extracted them with modern technology and incorporated them into truly unique skincare products designed for the contemporary 21st-century man. At the core of their mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, has access to quality, luxurious and healthy skincare.

Everything created by ALTR London hasn’t been tested on animals and is free from harmful paraben, sulphates and artificial colours. In the absence of harsh and artificially made chemicals, our beauty range is not only forgiving on all hair types but is environmentally and ethically conscious as well. As an ethically, environmentally and socially conscious company, ALTR has always strived to not only meet but exceed the standards of excellence of the beauty industry, and have provided a solution for young men who are passionate about personal, social and environmental welfare – merging scientific research with our passion, dedication and commitment.