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Within Europe, Italy has always been regarded as a centre of culture and tradition. During the Renaissance, when Europe was at the pinnacle of innovation and creativity in the arts and literature, Italy was at the forefront of this revolution. Some of the greatest artisans, writers, musicians, poets, and actors to have graced the world stage and enraptured audiences from across the globe originated from Italy. Even centuries following the end of the Renaissance, a walk through the cobbled streets of Naples or the sweeping pavements of Rome is all the evidence one needs to be assured of Italy’s association with some of humanity’s most iconic artistic achievements.

Artemest strives to acknowledge and celebrate Italy’s legacy through its brand. They collaborate with some of Italy’s finest and skilled artisans, so that authentic Italian craftsmanship may be presented to an international audience. Perfectly merging the traditional with the contemporary, their products are a tribute to Italy’s wonderful history whilst also celebrating modern innovations. Their handcrafted products range from furniture pieces to home décor, to lighting fixtures, as well as an array of beautiful gifts, fine jewellery and trinkets. With Artemest, you can bring some Renaissance-level luxury into your everyday life, and appreciate the beauty of even the most mundane of objects.