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More Info About Athena Art

Athena’s designs are what you need to give your home interior a perfect finishing touch without ever trying too hard.

Athena is a statement of rich historical heritage in the world of arts. Having published and retailed art pieces since the early ‘60s, the brand is the iconic art publisher for the Athena posters. Since that era, Athena has been synonymous with quality and revolutionary artwork. As early as 1979, the brand had more than 20 stores sprawling the whole of the UK while selling internationally to about 50 countries. For that reason, Athena is a brand within its niche that bears no semblance to its contemporaries – it is uniquely positioned and peaks with more than 150 stores in the 21st century.

Spencer Rowell made the remarkable ‘Tennis Girl’ and ‘L’Enfant’ posters that were popular in the early 80s. Quite a huge sensation, the company is a dynamic embodiment of quality and peculiarity. From the workshop in Yorkshire, the brand supplies a hefty load of framed images to a multitude of customers.

Some of the collections include curated prints which are both fro established and emerging artists –giving everyone a feeling of participation. Presently, there are countless numbers of shops and galleries across the UK. Athena’s range of art products is contemporary and exceptional for every modern-day homeowner.