Athena Beach Holidays Discount Code November 2021

More Info About Athena Beach Holidays

Athena beach Holidays is actually a trading name for Constant Travel travel agency operations. This company is an independent travel agency that is centered on all destinations locations, hotels and so much more all within Cyprus. The company features an array of hotels for individuals who are headed to Constantinou Bros. however, Athena Beach Hotels feature a host of holiday and lifestyle choices during one’s vacation. These choices include family holidays, adult only holidays, weddings and honeymoon holidays, bowls holidays, dancing holidays, and of course the Constantinou Bros. These options cover a top selection of needs and preferences all courtesy of the independent travel agency.

At Athena Beach Holidays the hotel options include Athena Beach Hotel, Athena Royal Beach Hotel, Pioneer Beach Hotel, and Asimina Hotel Suites. The cost of these holiday experiences differs based on the hotel. For Athena Beach Hotel, visitors could spend anywhere from £556 to £638 for 7 nights per person, breakfast and other events inclusive. Athena Royal Beach Hotel costs an individual anywhere from £578 to £624 for 7 nights. Pioneer Beach Hotel goes from £443 to £573 for 7 nights, while Asimina Suites Hotel costs from £1039 to £1116. These four hotels come with their individual experiences and packages.