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More Info About Awd It

There are just some games you can’t risk playing on your regular laptop or desktop computer. Yes Zuma Revenge, PES 2018, and even Mortal Kombat X might run well but not without the associated risks of overheating, hard drive crash and others. If you are a hardcore gamer who is interested in adventurous games or games that run in very high video definitions, you don’t need a system. What you need is a machine, a beast.

A beast such as the AWD Horizon 2600 with a six-core processor that runs at the speed of 4.2GHz, powered by 8GB of RAM and a high-grade AMD or an NVidia GE Force video card to boot. Now you are talking. You can get this and many more like it and even better at AWD-IT.

AWD-IT came into existence mainly for gamers though they also provide laptops that can be used for regular day to day use.

If you already have a “beast” in your possession and are looking just to make repairs or make it more “beastlier,” AWD-IT has a collection of gadgets and components that can meet that very need.

Their collection of graphics cards, monitors, software and accessories span a wide selection of brands and contains everything you would need to stay current in this new global age of gaming.