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More Info About Beads Direct

As they were not big on silver and gold jewellery, they turned to something equally beautiful, sophisticated and fancy – beads. The founders of bead direct are what people term bead enthusiasts. This enthusiasm pushed them to open up a shop in 2004 so that others like them that can have access to well-crafted beads from all over the world.

Today, beads direct is home to thousands of different but timeless pieces of jewelry beads that have been inspired by cultures of different countries and cities. They have the hex-cut beads which are made from a special type of Japanese glass, the charlottes which are from Czech, seed beads some of which are from China and a lot more from different corners of the earth.

Beads direct features a highly organized team of bead specialist that are skilled in making innovative bead designs themselves. Their skill also helps them to know just what is right for their customer when they go on their frequent search around the world for world-class pieces of bead jewellery.

Beads direct is also an official distributor of the world-acclaimed Swarovski crystal products. When this is added to the other top brands that bead direct offers to its customers, it is then easy to see why they are still getting glowing reviews from all over the world.