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Helpful information on Beauxnarrow

Urban street-wear may have once been something of a niche preference within mainstream fashion, but its distinctive aesthetics and unique fashion have piqued the interest of designers and fashion aficionados throughout the industry. Urban streetwear has therefore been receiving more recognition in fashion circles, particularly within high-end luxury fashion. Beaux Narrow is a brand that has been at the forefront of the revolutionary frontier in fashion from the outset and is one of the first brands to have begun merging urban streetwear with high-end fashion in their design.

The heart of their philosophy couldn’t be more well-articulated than by the name of the brand itself. Coined from ‘bow and arrow’, Beaux Narrow is meant to encompass the strength, bravery, and resilience demonstrated by the qualities of this medieval weapon. This courage and determination are reflected not only in their unique designs but also in the personalities and natures of their customers who purchase their clothing. Beaux Narrow and its customers represent a culture and a lifestyle which prioritises creativity, independence, and expression over everything else. Fashion is at a pivotal turning point in its focus and purpose, and this momentum is being carried forwards by brands such as Braux Narrow and their fashion-conscious and fiercely independent customer base.