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There is something about the harsh beauty and raw conditions of the Arctic landscapes which just inspires awe in whoever has the opportunity to explore this distant land. There is a reason that these alien landscapes have inspired literature, poetry, and cinematic masterpieces, as well as the founder of Bering Time. When he embarked on a journey into the depths of the Arctic, Rene Kaerskov experiencing an epiphany the moment he leapt down from the aircraft and was presented with the stretching horizon, mysterious silence, and unblemished whiteness of the Arctic landscape.

The Arctic is a place like no other. Rene was mesmerised and captivated by the simple beauty and white expanse of the eternal ice, and it was these impressions which formed the source of his inspiration when he created Bering Time. Alongside his business partners, he has dedicated himself to designed and creating exquisitely beautiful timepieces and watches that reflect the clarity and elegance of the Arctic tundra. The ice covering this landscape is eternal in every sense of the world, and it’s only apt that watches, designed to measure the passage of time and quantify a small part of eternity, are inspired by the timelessness and permanence of the permafrost.