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The primary reason why the sports bra was created is to reduce breast motion which is common during exercise or when actively engaged in any sports activity. Since the breast only has ligaments that do have substantial support to prevent motion, reducing breast motion would have been quite difficult without the use of a sports bra. Boobydoo is your one-stop-shop for the finest sports bra there is. The brand strives for a no-bounce revolution, which is why they are the leading website that offers a wide range of sports bra for abreast of all sizes.

The body is strong but without the right equipment for support, you may have to suffer damage beyond repair. The brand is a part of the Young Ideas Group, a family-run company out of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Boobydoo never relents in its effort to provide the best sports bra for every woman. You don’t want to let anything including breast motion to deter you from achieving your weight loss goal. These sports bras are made from the best fabric. They are functional and absorb moisture easily. In addition, they are breathable and considered a must-have accessory for every woman interested in exercise and sports.