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Gone are the days when the only occasion for which you can wear high heel shoes is a party. As time went by, high heel shoes are now a part of our daily lives. Today, you can wear it to the office, marketplace, supermarkets or socializing in a restaurant or bar. So whether it’s a formal gathering such as parties, weddings, meetings, and work or just a dinner date with your partner, heel footwear is now a part and parcel of the women wardrobe. Out of every 100 women, no less than 97 have high heel shoes. So where can you find the best, highest quality high heel shoes? One of the highly recommended places is Calla Shoes. Calla Shoes is owned and managed by Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer of the last 20 years. Jennifer is known for her love for high heel shoes. Calla is a brand of shoes that is just perfect for bunions and wide feet. However, those who are looking for stunning, comfortable, beautifully designed shoes are also not left out. Boost your confidence by wearing high heel shoes from Calla. These shoes add to your elegance and complement your every looks.