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CBD is one of the compounds found in Hemp or Cannabis and is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is only just being explored for its medicinal and healing properties – with some exciting and industry-transforming applications already being discovered. Hemp Extract Oil, on the other hand, refers to any extracts from Hemp that is not just pure cannabinoid on its own and instead consists of a spectrum of the compounds naturally found in the Hemp Plant. Each of these products offers a myriad of health benefits, and CBD Life is one of the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers and distributors when it comes to CBD Oil and Hemp Extract Oil.

With regards to cannabinoid, it is a substance called THC which causes people to become high. Neither of CBD Life’s products contains this compound, so there’s no risk of being intoxicated or affected by the consumption of their products. Their range consists of oils, capsules, topical oils, vapes, extracts, and hardware. This diverse selection means that you can choose the perfect option for you depending on your personal preferences, a CBD vape for example enhances maximum absorption, leading to a much more potent medicinal and healing effect.