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The story behind the creation of CBD Shopy is one that will resonate with many people. When Layton’s wife Kelly was diagnosed with a painful chronic condition, her quality of life was significantly reduced and she was forced to sacrifice many of the things which had once brought her joy. Alongside the antibiotics she was taking, something which gave her considerable relief for her intense muscle and joint pain a CBD cream. The results from applying this cream were truly spectacular, and this is when Layton and Kelly discovered the huge potential of this cannabinoid compound.

Considering how much it had helped them, they wanted to ensure that others could also access trustworthy information and reliable products regarding the consumption, effects, and results from using CBD oil. Their product range is divided into a series of categories such as CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, and CBD Cream and CBD Tea as well. Everything is thoroughly assessed and tested during development so that people in the United Kingdom can be confidently assured that understand everything about CBD and the ways it can be used to improve the quality of people’s lives.