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T-shirts are cool especially when you have awesome prints on them. They are also a statement of your personality. Wearing a tee with a print saying ‘don’t talk to me’ be sure no one’s going to initiate a conversation with you. That’s how powerful T-shirt prints are.

Chargrilled is an online T-shirt store that major in the production and selling of funny, retro and offensive T-shirts. A plain T-shirt is as boring as plain rice cakes. No flavor or statement but a printed-on T-shirt with a controversial statement would surely turn heads.

Chargrilled allows you to design the Tee. This way you choose your template and also your preferred choice of words or design for the print. They also have glow in the dark T-shirt. These shirts illuminate at night and are even way cooler especially if you’re at a party.

Not only T-shirts, if you want to go retro, offensive or funny with T- hoodies, jumpers or apron then you should be shopping from Chargrilled. They have a wide collection of already designed T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies that’ll catch your eye. Change your status quo as you shop from them today!