Corgi Discount Code January 2022 Helpful Shopping Guide

Corgi is a long-standing miniature model automobile producing company. This brand was created by the Mettoy Company of Northampton and has been in existence well before the 1930s. The name Corgi depicts a Welsh dog and it was chosen to represent the brand because it was short, catchy, associated with royalty and lastly because the models were to be Swansea produced. Most of the brand’s toy cars, trucks, trains, and buses are produced as once only limited edition pieces, but not to worry, there’s still plenty to choose from on the site. For a few pounds, one can key into the eccentricity of luxury with these statement toy cars from reputable manufacturers like Aston Martin, Ford, all the way down to Volkswagen.

In 50 years Corgi has produced basically every model of cars, buses, and trucks. The 1965 Monte Carlo Rally Mini Cooper S which is slated between £300-£400, 1966 The Man from U.N.C.L.E’s ‘Thrushbuster’ Oldsmobile which goes for £250-£300 and even the Ford Thunderbird Hardtop with its pale green body (£175-£200) are some of the models that are highly sought after. You can find your favorite models of cars, trains, helicopters and planes on this toy producing company’s site, a lot of them are affordable too, only on Corgi.