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Diamonds Factory Customer Reviews

Being a person who was always wronged by online shopping websites, I'm one satisfied and happy customer of diamonds factory. Jewellery is something that you feel more comfortable buying in person as it is a big investment. Not only monetarily but it holds meaning for the person you're giving it to as well. So it has to be perfect. My friends bought his fiance's engagement ring through diamonds factory so I was very much convinced to give this website a try. I went to their website and found some charming designs that I'd like to personalize so I called their number but it was busy so I sent them a message instead. A lady responded and she put all my doubts and queries to rest and assured me that I trusted the right people. I sent them a picture of the design I wanted and told them how I wanted it to be and it came out perfectly! Better than I even imagined it to be. The ring fits my wife perfectly and she loves it to the point of never taking it off, EVER! I would definitely want to order more stuff from the website in the coming future.