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Extra Information About Easirent.com

Founded in 1999, Easirent is a family-run business that started for the sole reason of car rentals. Based in the UK, the brand thrives on a fantastic range of cars, unbeatable prices, and excellent customer service. The talented team of Easirent professionals also boasts of impressive market growth since its inception.

With a fleet of 4,300 vehicles in the UK and some parts of Ireland, you will find different options for cars – BMW or Mercedes – in different colours and sizes. Because the range of vehicles are brand new and in great condition, every trip is guaranteed. No matter how many times you hire cars, you will always find them in excellent condition. With more than 25,000 reviews on Trustpilot, the online retailer is reputed for brand quality and price match. Easirent offers a comfortable lifestyle for its hirers at suitable prices. Presently, the company has 25 rental branches across Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland. When you hear ‘cheap,’ don’t go thinking the rental cars are substandard, Easirent only means you will find luxurious cars at impressive rates, whatever the model or brand. Located in notable airports across the country, Easirent is just one call away when you need fast and convenient transport to your destination.