Easy2name Voucher Code August 2022

Extra Information About Easy2name.com

Labelling items makes sorting quite easy. With children, even adults, items are easy to miss in the home or at school. Because of name labels, the simple and effective answer to sorting items will prevent you from losing properties. Easy2name labels guarantee users different labels for socks, shoes, dresses, school uniforms, mobile phones, sports equipment, toys, books, and stationery.

While the labelling company is a niche, you will find only a few companies in the UK with equal authority to Easy2name. Similar to the brand name, Easy2name offers name tags, name labels, iron-on woven taped, no iron-no sew labels, school labels, and sew on name tapes in different styles and colours. The name labels are resilient in the toughest of situations; you can always order for personalized styles, all covered by the ‘no-risk guarantee’ and always ready for quick dispatch.

When you join the fundraising community on Easy2name, you receive 20% cashback on items bought. The Gold badge on Feefo shows the excellent customer satisfaction offered by the brand.

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