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The best feminine outerwear, jackets, cardigans, shirts, loungewear, dresses, skirts and pants can only be found at Falconeri. For a wonderful shopping experience on the best deals, sit on your favorite couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate and peruse the beautiful dresses and scarves in-store. In addition to the aforementioned clothing pieces, women with unique tastes for fashion can get lovely ponchos and hats from the shop.

Men who love to watch their masculinity evolve while maintaining their fashion tastes should make the Falconeri shop their last bus stop. Why? You may ask. This shop stocks every fashion item a classic man loves. Name them; Polo shirts, T-Shirts, Knitwear, Cardigans, outerwear and casual jackets. Men also accessorize their looks too! Want to confirm this? Visit the accessories collection and you will be gobsmacked at the gorgeous masculine scarves, caps and hats available to order.

Have you been looking for a fashion shop that will create unique pieces that will bear your initials? Alas, one is within your reach. Falconeri produces unique pieces for customers on request. You can sleep with a smile on your face knowing that your cashmere jumper has your initials. 100% you.