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Statistics have shown that falls occurring from floor slips and trips account for about 67% of the total fall rate. This proves that slippery grounds are a real threat and even more so for older ones who do not possess as much stamina as they used to. There have been cases where a fall from a floor slip has resulted in the death of the victim. How then can you prevent your floor from being slippery?

Fibre Grid answers that question by providing products that are designed to increase the traction between you and the ground. Their products are categorized as follows::

  • GRP Grating and Structures: GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. They do not take quickly to fire, are anti-slip and durable. These make them perfect for roofing.
  • Anti Slip Staircase: this category contains thread cover and nosing for stairs so as to provide more friction as you climb.
  • Anti Slip FlooringandDecking: much like the staircase category above but this time applied to decks and floors.
  • Paint, Tapes, and Sealers: this category contains a special kind of paints that can be applied to floors to avoid slips. These can be applied to varied floor surfaces like concrete, wood or steel.

There are a lot of other products that Fibre Grid provides to ensure that everyone is safe from the dangers of wet and slippery grounds. All products offered on the site have been subjected to several tests to prove their quality and efficiency.