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Extra Information About Filofax

In this hyper consumerist-age, shopping for a gift that perfectly suits the needs and interest of the recipient can be a difficult task to accomplish. Thankfully, with the internet, you can easily source what you’re looking for. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consider the options you have before making a decision. When considering a gift to give to a loved one, you should look for something unique. For business inclined individuals, one of the perfect gift ideas will be a personal organizer.

Filofax stocks the finest personal organizers for that special someone or colleague. With the brands growing popularity in the past decades, many people think Filofax is a relatively new concept. But the truth is that the company has been around since WWI.

The company started in 1921 with the sole aim of marketing and promoting personal organisation systems in the UK by mail order. The company’s name was derived from “file of facts.” And ever since, the business has grown and expanded with over 1000 outlets in the UK alone. What’s more, is that some of the world-renowned stores across the world now stock Filofax. These include Harrods and Harvey Nicholas in London, Bon Genie in Switzerland, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales in the US.