Gainsborough Showers Discount Code January 2022

More About Gainsborough Showers

You returned home from work, looking all stressed out and just wanted a quick shower before you plunked down on your bed and slip into a dreamless sleep, but something happened – your shower begins to malfunction. There is something wrong, and now you have a new problem to deal with – fixing it or getting a new one altogether. You want something perfect that wouldn’t disrupt your plans, and Gains Borough Showers got just that.

Gainsborough, as part of the Aqualisa Group, has been in the business of supplying showers to customers for over 40 years. Over the years, they have been able to provide their customers with various types and designs of showers. For those who are now installing separate shower compartments to their main bathroom or en-suite, Gains Borough got all the right type of showers for them.

Their ranges of electric shower have all been made to comply with the ERP directive and thus are all Energy Class A rated. They understand that replacing showers can be confusing and have thus provided an online guide to help you choose what is best for you and your homes. They also have very knowledgeable experts that are always available to help in any way they can. So whether you are repairing an old shower and in need of spare parts or getting a new one, you can count on Gains Borough to be with you every step of the way.