Gobi Cashmere Discount Code August 2022

Helpful Information on Gobi Cashmere

Gobi Cashmere might be the only company that is offering traditional Mongolian cashmere for the past 4 decades. They source their cashmere from traditional nomadic goat herders, who have been living on the vast steppes for hundreds of years. Since all the production happens in local Gobi factories, the cost of production is really low, so that they can offer their merchandise to the customers at the lowest prices possible. Cashmere is derived from white goats, dark grey goats, beige goats, blue/grey goats. Gobi is run by traditional Mongolian families who incorporate traditional as well as modern techniques in the production of their merchandise. On Gobi Cashmere, customers can find Sewn clothes like Coats, trench coats, blazers and suits.

In the Knitted sections, customers can find sweaters, ants, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, etc., while in the woven section they can find blankets, scarves, shawls and throws. Apart from winter wear items, customers can also find hats, dresses, hoodies, skirts, turtle necks, pants, polo t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, cardigans, etc. With Gobi collection of clothes, you can never go wrong in the fashion sense. Gobi has got your back for all your cashmere needs.