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More About Health Express

Even with the incredible advancements in technology and how it has improved e-commerce, many are still scared of buying drugs or receiving treatments online and for good reasons. Most of these healthcare companies have not perfected the system and sometimes the patients have to suffer for it. With Health Express though, the case is different. Having catered for over a million patients since inception and with hundreds of glowing reviews on trust pilot, you can rest assured that they know how to use the system perfectly. This online doctor and prescription service maintains a highly safe code of conduct. This keeps them clear of any reprimands from the regulatory bodies that they are registered under such as the Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency(MHRA) and Care Quality Commission (CQC). Their team of doctors and pharmacists is also highly qualified and is registered under the required regulatory bodies. The ease of navigation that the site provides facilitates a very fast service provision, and customers can always find the drugs they need quickly. Their product range covers men’s and women’s health, sexual health, and general health. knowing fully well, that sometimes, medical services are needed as a matter of urgency, health express has a delivery system in place that can deliver prescriptions on the same day as they are ordered.