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For nearly a century, Humbrol has held the leading spot for supplying superior quality paints. Since its inception in 1919, the company has made its way to the heart of artists, painters, and many others. Not only that, the brand has built a reputation for excellence. The company started out as an oil supplier for cyclists in Hull. In 1935, the company got a request to produce paints for renovating cycles and this gave birth to the Art Enamel. At first, there were limited colours but with the increased demand for other colours the brand launched more. With the superiority of these products, the company diversified into paint production. The paint was widely accepted thanks to its amazing price for something of such quality.

Humbrol features more than 170 paint colours and each year millions of branded products are exported to more than 50 countries across the face of the earth. From being the small city oil supplier for a cyclist, the brand has turned out to be one of the largest paint companies in the world today. Anywhere you find the name Humbrol, then you know it’s all about quality. Pick your choice from a wide range of compatible products available on their site today.