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More Info About James Derby

A saying goes, when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable. Such would have been the case of James Derby except he decided to create the desire for himself.

James has always appreciated how much difference a watch can make in a man; his outfit, his style, his carriage. He understands that a man’s choice of the watch he wears can either earn him some respect or make him lose it. He knows that there is always a right watch for any place and any event and putting on just any watch wouldn’t be enough. So for a long time, he sought a watch that spoke true to his personality and had just about the right amount of charm and style. What he found were either too expensive, intricate, and large or altogether dull looking and thus his journey began.

His journey led to the creation of timepieces that have been masterfully created keeping in mind four major characteristics that they must possess – Simplicity, Uniqueness, Style and Refinement. These arts of beauty which he named the John Derby collection are of top-class quality and have been made from materials that will really withstand the test of time. From the straps right down to the ticking hands, immense attention has been paid to detail, and the result is absolutely wonderful.

These pieces come with a two-year guarantee, free delivery and a promise to help you earn the respect that you deserve. With James Derby, you are always with the times.