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With Lark & Berry, it’s everything jewelleries. Founded in 2018 by Laura Chavez, Lark & Berry was birthed out of the need for originality, uniqueness and distinction in the jewellery world.

Like every other young lady, Laura was also a lover of jewelleries. But her search for high quality jewelleries at affordable prices was beginning to get her frustrated. It was either the high quality jewelleries far exceeded her budget or the ones which were affordable were just made with plated metals and the quality left much to be desired. This need created a burning desire in Laura to bridge this gap in the jewellery industry.

Everything began to fall in place when she got the idea of cultured diamonds. Laura figured out that by using cultured stones, she would be able to create a transparent environment in the jewellery industry, which would be impossible if mined diamonds were used. Additionally, cultured diamonds impact less to environmental pollution and is thus another way of creating sustainability. This idea is what birthed Lark & Berry in 2018.
Today, this jewellery brands is amongst the top in Europe; delivering high quality jewelleries at pocket friendly prices. If you need high quality jewellery and don’t want to pay through the nose, then you’ve really got to check out this amazing jewellery brand.