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More Information on Le Col

Le Col is a story of intentionality and dedication. A brand by Yanto, Le Col came into existence in 2011 after its owner had been a recipient of several awards and recognitions in cycling. Having been predisposed to early victories, he believed that winnings were more about a mentally aiding outfit than the physical state of the cyclist. But not everyone understood that. Yanto was a firm believer in quality cycling clothing and equipment that guarantee a win.

Therefore, Le Col is a brand that is all about highly technical products combined with style and exuberance. While a rider is saddled on the seat for more than 20,000 hours, Yanto wanted to make sure that passionate riders will have fun while they anticipate a win.

Le Col is specifically for people in search of highly tested and reputable products with great speed and the ability to accentuate human endeavors. Therefore, you must shop Le Col if you want each pedal stroke to count. Available for both men and women, the business tries to explore the sportsmanship of both genders. The common philosophy at Le Col is ‘to be more.’ Every detail in every piece is intended to cater to physical ability or to aesthetics. Hence, every penny is worth it’s salt when you shop Le Col.