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More Info About Monbento

Carry your food in style. You took the time to prepare a delicious meal, so why carry it in a dull white plastic container when there are a lot of beautiful boxes that would suit your delicacy perfectly. Let the beautiful minds from France that have been providing millions around the world with wonderful lunch boxes show you how to be classy all day long.

Since 2009, Monbento has been in the business of providing bento boxes for a wide selection of customers from over 76 countries. With over a million bento boxes having been distributed and thousands of glowing reviews from their customers, it is certain that these boxes are a pack of delight.

These boxes come in different colors, shapes, and designs, making them apt to be presented anywhere you are; at school, work, a picnic or just a get-together. They are also cost efficient and advocate healthy living as they encourage users to prepare meals from home and bring them along wherever they are.

Their love for their customers is expressed in the amount of effort put towards ensuring that the boxes are made with the highest quality plastic. This makes them confident enough to give 3 years guarantee on every one of their products.

Customers are also given a chance to create unique orders by being able to choose custom colors from a range of over 50 million colors. Thus you can make your lunch boxes as personal as you want it.