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Useful Information on Muffin Sisters

The exquisite apparel and accessories created by the Muffin Sisters is as adorable and endearing as their name. Stylish and sophisticated, the Muffin Sisters combine the ethnic beauty of traditional African fabrics and patterns with modern European styles. The results are heritage children’s products which truly cannot be found anywhere else. The story behind their brands gives their products an incredibly significance and value which will only increase from generation to generation. A gorgeous and endearing tribute to African cultures, traditions and lifestyles, the Muffin Sisters are passionate about reconnecting with their roots in an exciting, beautiful and useful way.

The range of apparel and accessories they have in their store is comprehensive and inclusive, and with each of them even more beautiful and charming as the last you will certainly have a difficult not placing absolutely everything you see into the basket. Just some of the things they sell include, Christmas blankets, play equipment, bath accessories and toys, home décor, swaddles and sleeping blankets, buntings and so much more. Whether you are purchasing something for your own bundle of joy or someone else, anything from the Muffin Sisters is bound to become a much-loved, appreciated and treasured gift.